About Pedro Gismondi, M.D.
Dr. Gismondi was trained in Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He later completed specialty Fellowships in Rheumatology at Indiana University and the Emory Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Gismondi was born in Peru, South America, and married a Georgia “peach”, Glenda. They live in northwest Oklahoma City. They have three grown children, Mark and his wife Tammy, Michael, and Matthew.

Dr. and Mrs. Gismondi are now doing full time missionary work, through Regency Ministries International which they started in 2005. [www.regencyministries.org]

Dr. Gismondi has been committed to caring for patients with rheumatic diseases, such as Lupus and arthritis, painful muscles and joints, and fragile bones. He liked to work in partnership with patients and their families to increase their knowledge about the disease, and treatment options.

Dr. Gismondi has been familiar with herbal remedies since his childhood. He still has an “Herbolario”, a book about herbal remedies of every description that his mom used to treat her children. He has always been fascinated by this and has continued to learn and strive to formulate natural remedies on the basis of available research and published reports that can give him a sense of efficacy and safety.

The German E-Commission Monographs and Publications by the World Health Organization have been helpful with this in mind.

Future Goals
The main preparations that Dr. Gismondi has formulated so far are the “Aches and Pains” rub that has gone by several names: “Dr.G’s MSM Rub”, “Dr. Gismondi’s Rub”, and “Classic Rub”.  The newest formulation just released in 2006 is "Arthritis Rub" which is stronger than the “Classic Rub” formula was.  The ingredients have been shown to help arthritis pain amazingly well and is for any joint or tendon pain.

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